FLUTE list Information pages
Welcome to FLUTE, the longest- established internet mailing list relating to the flute. FLUTE was founded in 1996 by Larry Krantz, who ran the list until 2012 along with Nelson Pardee and John Rayworth, who continue Larry’s work.
Nelson Pardee (list owner) is an assistant pastor in upstate New York at imperfectchurch.com, aka West Genesee Hills Baptist Church. He retired in 2010 after 36 years as a computer professional at Syracuse University, and he stills enjoys technology. Though he does not play the flute, he treasures his many flute playing  friends, including those met electronically through Flute.
John Rayworth (list owner) is an amateur flute player who has retired from his career as a Civil Engineer and Computer manager to concentrate his energies on flute teaching and practising. He lives in North West England (UK) near the City of Carlisle and the Lake District.
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