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Because postings reach the list with no problems 99.99% of the time, FLUTE is configured to *not* include a copy to the sender. The theory is that if you wrote it then you probably don't need a copy. If you don't trust the system or would like to see your posts on FLUTE, send the message: SET flute REPro To: listserv@listserv.syr.edu *Note: remove any signatures and other text from your message. You may think that receiving a copy of your own posting is confirmation that everyone on the list has gotten a copy. Not so. There is NO reasonable way to know when someone received your posting, or whether they read it. Please note that for people with gmail systems or domains which forward messages to gmail systems the repro command does not seem to work. Mail and Vacations You can temporarily suspend mail (and remain subscribed) by the command:   SET FLUTE NOMAIL to resume mail, use:   SET FLUTE MAIL (if you prefer individual posts) or: SET FLUTE DIGEST (if you prefer digest) Send these commands to: listserv@listserv.syr.edu Remove all signatures and put nothing else in the body of the message. Seeking contact information From time to time list members post messages on FLUTE looking for contact information (email, phone, address, etc.) for long lost friends, former teachers, or other individuals. For a multitude of reasons many people do not appreciate having their private contact information shared in a public forum. Personal contact information for individuals is of limited interest to the large list membership. For those reasons, messages of that nature should NOT be posted to the entire list. We do not give out email addresses without permission but we have, in the past, been useful in assisting contact between list members. If you are looking for a specific individual then please ask us at flute-request@listserv.syr.edu  rather than posting to the entire list. We thank you for your continued attention to keeping your list messages focused on the topic of flutes and flute playing. Retrieving Logs 1. Send the message: INDEX FLUTE To: listserv@listserv.syr.edu You will soon be sent a list of all available logs on the system. 2. Send the message: GET FLUTE LOGNAME To: listserv@listserv.syr.edu *NOTE: remove signatures and place nothing else in the body of all messages sent to listserv. Each log will contain at least one week's worth of messages and not just separate daily digests so these files are quite large. Searching FLUTE logs * SEARCH ON THE NET * http://listserv.syr.edu/scripts/wa.exe?A0=FLUTE * HOW TO SEARCH USING EMAIL* To search for the term "open hole" in the FLUTE list you would send a message to listserv@listserv.syr.edu and simply type: Search 'open hole' in FLUTE That message would result in the following being returned from listserv: Item # Date Time Recs Subject ------ ---- ---- ---- ------- 000189 96/03/29 09:17 39 Pellerite book and Cooper scale 000306 96/03/31 20:07 16 Re: Second Hand flute 000491 96/04/04 15:30 115 Re: PVC Pipe Flute -cut- To order a copy of these postings, send the following command: GETPOST FLUTE 189 GETPOST FLUTE 306 GETPOST FLUTE 491 etc. * NARROWING THE EMAIL SEARCH * It is possible to add further parameters to your search in order to narrow it. You can limit a search by date with a "since. . . " predicate. Likewise, you can limit by sender and/or by the subject line with a "where . . ." predicate. For instance: Search 'open hole' in FLUTE since 94/01/01 Search 'open hole' in FLUTE where sender contains 'XXX@XXXXXX.XXX' Search * in FLUTE where sender is XXX@XXXXXX.XXX Search * in FLUTE since 97/01/01 where subject contains 'open hole' These are all valid search commands that should dramatically reduce the number of entries returned to you. Email address harvesting Email address harvesting is often done for the purpose of creating bulk emailing for various enterprises. Please know that we (listowners) do NOT condone such activities on FLUTE and have done what is possible to prevent that kind of activity. The FLUTE membership list is NOT available to anyone except the list owners. Email addresses of list members are not given out without permission. If you have been bothered by bulk emailings and suspect that they might be a direct result of your participation on FLUTE then please DON'T HESITATE to write to us at flute-request@listserv.syr.edu Bulk mailers are quite often quick to change their practices when they become aware that their emailings are offensive to many. Retrieving FLUTE files FLUTE has and will continue to compile various files that may be of interest to list members. This notice will outline the files that presently exist and explain how list members may obtain copies. The files: FLUTE Welcome Message Contains list commands and other useful information that may allow you to solve various list problems and answer many of your questions. Send message: GET FLUTE.WELCOME Stolen Flutes List Contains an up to date listing of flutes and piccolos that have been reported as stolen. Also contains instructions regarding how to report a stolen flute or a located one. List members are encouraged to distribute this list as widely as possible with the hope that this list will have some effect on the retrieval of stolen flutes. Send message: GET FLUTE.STOLEN Sacred Music for Flute The list of sacred music was contributed by the members of FLUTE. The categories included are: Collections, Descants/Obbligatos, Individual Solo Pieces, and Pieces for Two or More Flutes. The list is not intended to be exhaustive and further contributions are welcome. Only music that is scored specifically for flute is included. Sacred vocal works that can be played on flute and scores for "C instruments" are not listed, for example. A list of publishers that specialize in sacred music publications is included and the user of this list is encouraged to explore them further for creative ideas. Send message: GET FLUTE.SACRED FLUTE FAQ The FAQ list was created by David Dahl with content provided by subscribers to the FLUTE list. The purpose of this FAQ is to cover topics of demonstrated interest to FLUTE subscribers and give a jump-start to new members. Hopefully this will provide a wealth of useful topics which have not been thoroughly explored. Presence on the FLUTE FAQ is not meant to exclude a topic for further discussion, but to serve as a starting point. Send message: GET FLUTE.FAQ-INDX GET FLUTE.FAQ-1 GET FLUTE.FAQ-2 GET FLUTE.FAQ-3 GET FLUTE.FAQ-4 GET FLUTE.FAQ-5 Beta blockers and performance anxiety in musicians (FAQ) Research paper prepared for FLUTE by members: Karla Harby, freelance writer and amateur flutist Kathrin Kucharski, clinical pharmacist and amateur flutist Sarah Tuck (committee chair), professional flutist Julia Vasquez, professional flutist March 17, 1997 Send message: GET FLUTE.BBQ FLUTE pronunciation guide A pronunciation guide prepared by Mike MacMahon and Robin Horne that provides instructions about correct pronunciation for difficult to pronounce names. Send message: GET FLUTE.PPGUIDE Send all messages to: listserv@listserv.syr.edu *Note: remove all signatures and place nothing else in the body of the message. Policy on flaming Messages deemed by the list management team to be inflammatory, demeaning, or defamatory will not be tolerated. We have no intention to censor discussion or disagreement but insulting personal and/or business attacks and public fighting are not welcome here. In the event of a flaming message list managers will take immediate and appropriate action to minimise any further occurance from that source. Unusual circumstances may require special action. We will do what is necessary to keep our forum friendly. In the interest of 'fairness to all', we request that anyone who feels unfairly attacked should write to flute-request@listserv.syr.edu  to discuss the possibility of a one time public rebuttal. Unanswered Questions and Recurring Subjects Once in a while questions posed by some of our younger members have gone unanswered by the list membership. We would like to suggest that if your list question has been sent to the list and NOT answered within a few days that you write to us at flute-request@listserv.syr.edu  (list owners address) so that we might provide the answer or point you in the right direction to find an answer. The FLUTE list has been in a constant state of growth since its inception. Many members have been with the list since the very first day and have had the opportunity to observe and participate with all of the usual list subjects as they have come up. A great many topics are of the recurring type and do tend to become redundant for long standing members. FLUTE has been compiling FLUTE files with the intent of providing answers to a great many of the basic and more popular questions. The second edition of the FLUTE FAQ contains a wealth of information that has been provided by many list members. English as a second language If you are one of our members for whom English is a second language, please know that we welcome your contributions to the list. You are invited and encouraged to participate in the discussions even though your use of the English language may be less than perfect. Your ideas, questions, and the content of your messages are what is valuable and important. Because the vast majority of our list members are English speaking, we must discourage the use of non-English languages on the list. Inappropriate private responses We've occasionally been informed that list members sometimes receive unkind, and in some cases harassing or flaming, private emails as a result of their activity on the FLUTE list. If at any time you receive a private message that you feel is unfair, harassing, accusatory, or extremely negative in other ways, we want you to know that the list managers are open to hearing complaints about such inappropriate emails. Posting a public message does imply some degree of risk. People may strongly disagree with your ideas and seek you out individually through email, especially when they know that public flaming is not tolerated on FLUTE. We aren't responsible for what happens off the list but we would take your complaint very seriously and might also be able to help in some way, especially if we get more than one complaint about a specific person. Your name and information will be kept in strictest confidence. By letting us know your situation, you may also help prevent other list members from experiencing the same problem. We especially hope that any list member who receives a private email that is hateful, derogatory, or insulting, will not let that deter him or her from further posting. We do not want those situations to occur, and will do our best to support you. Please write to us at if it seems like the right thing to do. Keeping your PC healthy It is essential that if you use a PC to communicate with the FLUTE list, that you have current antivirus software installed on your PC, maintained and kept up to date. This helps keep your PC free from virus infections which might spread to computers of your electronic “friends” (anyone whose email addresses are held in your email system). Some of these addresses may be FLUTE list members. However it must be emphasised that it is highly unlikely that any virus would be spread by the listserv system. FLUTE management team Nelson Pardee (list owner): is a retired computer programmer at Syracuse University. Though he does not play the flute, he has enjoyed listening to the "growing up" of his daughter's flute playing and to many fine players. He treasures his many flute playing friends, including those met electronically through Flute. John Rayworth (list manager): is an amateur flute player who has taken early retirement from his career as a Civil Engineer and Computer manager in order that he might concentrate his energies on flute teaching and practicing. He plays with local amateur groups and gives the occasional local recital. He lives in North West England (UK) near the City of Carlisle and the Lake District. These are the people who do the work that makes the list a reality. Nelson, & John do list administration and formulate list policy; assistance and reminders will come from these people (or folks they explicitly designate). List members should disregard any monitoring messages that do not appear to come from any of these people. Because we're a team, all non-routine matters are discussed between appropriate team members. ________________________________________ If you have questions about the FLUTE list, please email the owners, Nelson Pardee, and John Rayworth at: flute-request@listserv.syr.edu We strive to keep the list free for talk about flute, so please send suggestions, concerns, non-flute issues, and questions about list operation to flute-request. We will do all we can to make your time on FLUTE informative and enjoyable.
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