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Your list posting signature matters, as it tells the FLUTE world "this is who I am." Just as in person, we respond differently based on our knowledge of the other side of the conversation. It affects how (and whether) we listen and how we speak. A well crafted signature enhances your ability to communicate, and conversely, people may not listen or respond because a poor signature doesn't convey enough information about you. It's important enough that you may want to ask some knowledgeable friends what your signature says about you! IIn this spirit, and the FLUTE list principle of focused/succinct communication, it is suggested that signatures are limited to four lines of text, and should only include content deemed important to identify yourself. It is important that they should NOT be used for advertising purposes. The list owners will privately work with those who have difficulty with this policy. Including street addresses and private telephone numbers may not be advisable for such widely distributed emails.
Email signatures Email signatures