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Commercial activity
FLUTE is not a venue for commercial activity. APPROPRIATE A SINGLE announcement about flute related items for sale. These should be *descriptions* (more like simple classified ads than business advertising). Information regarding *new* products or services. Information when it complements a current discussion topic. INAPPROPRIATE POSTINGS/ACTIVITIES (examples) MULTIPLE postings about products, auction(s), surveys, recordings, any items for sale. Several postings from the same person, even if for various "things". (e.g., a flute this month, piccolo next month, etc.). Price increases, sales or most feature changes. Enlisting list members to facilitate promotion discussions. Comments and questions about business deal problems, even if they involve flutes. If you're not sure, please send an email to the list management team at flute-request@listserv.syr.edu We'll try to help make your posting meet FLUTE guidelines, if at all possible. Posters of inappropriate messages will be contacted privately; there is no need for public discussion. Please send comments or questions about this policy to the owners; we will attempt to fairly deal with all concerns. Repeated violations of list policy will result in removal from the list. List members should feel free to contact the list managers at flute-request@listserv.syr.edu if they wish to lodge a complaint in relation to this policy. The list managers will do all they can to address list member concerns regarding commercial postings.
Commercial activity: items for sale Commercial activity: items for sale