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FLUTE list commands
1. TO POST TO ENTIRE LIST send to flute@listserv.syr.edu 2. LIST COMMANDS To use one of the commands listed below, send email to   listserv@listserv.syr.edu with the command in the BODY of your message. COMMAND ACTION TO BE DONE q flute Find out details of your subscription SET flute DIGEST Receive FLUTE in digest form SET flute MAIL Receive FLUTE in individual postings SET flute NOMAIL Receive no messages temporarily SET flute MAIL or SET flute DIGEST Resume receipt of messages CHANGE FLUTE [type new address] Change your address SET flute SUBJECTHDR Subject Line Identification SET FLUTE INDEX   Receive only message subject headings UNSUB FLUTE Leave the list INDEX FLUTE Listing of FLUTE LOGS 3. QUESTIONS ABOUT TECHNICAL MATTERS (i.e., why I don't receive mail any more, my email address has changed and..., how do I ..., etc.) send email to: flute-request@listserv.syr.edu
List commands List commands