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Changing your email address
In most cases the following procedure will work: You will need to subscribe FROM YOUR NEW ADDRESS by sending the message: SUB FLUTE your name * please put your own name in place of the words "your name" to listserv@listserv.syr.edu From: your new email address If you can still send from your old address then FROM YOUR OLD ADDRESS send the message: UNSUB FLUTE to listserv@listserv.syr.edu If you can NOT send from your old address then when your new subscription is complete let us know at flute-request@listserv.syr.edu and we will delete your old address for you. Please remember to remind us what your old address was so that we delete the correct one. If you have further problems then please don't hesitate to write to us at flute-request@listserv.syr.edu
Changing your email address Changing your email address